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Who we are


Saffi25 is an e-commerce site with a difference that sells bags by an array of top brands. It is the face of a wider project that began in the Vicenza leather district, when Saffi25 CEO Eric Joselzon and his international team decided to bring the products to end customers directly. The hub and the heartbeat of Saffi25 is our factory in the Veneto, the Italian region synonymous with the finest leather goods. All our bags are made there, from the drawings right through to the finished product. We have been producing supreme-quality bags for top luxury brands since 1987. This enables us to stay bang up to speed with the latest trends, styles and innovations in this fascinating world and, above all, to insist on the strictest quality standards. With our priceless knowledge of how the bags we sell are designed and made, we aim to share our passion for the world of luxury leather goods with our visitors and customers. And we sell only what we make ourselves; it’s a point of principle.


In these days when technology permeates every aspect of lifestyle, we wanted to establish a new channel that let us deal directly with end consumers, to become both a Business-to-Business and a Business-to-Consumer enterprise. Technology, then, isn’t just about machinery and production methods; we also apply it to the sales process, funnelled through the e-commerce platform In this vision, Saffi25 is a direct sales channel that cuts out the wholesale middleman to offer quality bags at more attractive prices.
Unique Collection


Our company is unique, with a commitment to passing on our artisanal expertise to the younger generations, to keep the traditional art of fine leather goods alive and well. The bags on Saffi25 are all labelled “Made in Italy”, and that goes for everything from the superlative leathers to the components that we make in-house. Each product is put together from start to finish by a single craftsperson, which is what gives the bag the personal value of a handmade item – without this, it would be impossible to offer such high-quality goods. So it is not only the sophisticated, high-quality materials but also the workmanship that lends each bag the value of a fine handcrafted Italian product.


As makers, we love to develop our products, and it’s the same Saffi25 team that selects the bags we present in our e-shop. We know all there is to know about how our bags are made, with their distinctive features and idiosyncrasies, so that we can bring our customers a personally curated collection. We are the first to see the designs and the last to have one or two left over in stock. Now and again, we believe so strongly in a product that we actually make too much of it, which is why we can offer the final few items of certain models in our Last Chance section, where customers can snap up beautifully made stylish bags at special prices.
Talent Hub


Saffi25 is based in Milan, the Italian fashion and luxury capital, with our finger on the pulse of all the latest creative trends. Our key strength is the direct relationship we have with our stylists. We work closely with the designers to support them from devising the original concept to producing the complete line, and we know the finished product inside out. We believe implicitly in our stylists, and we are proud to share their talent with our customers.